Welcome to my blog where you will read about my life, my love of running and my desire to get better, faster and stronger and the trials and tribulations I will go through to get there. I LOVE getting medals after races. The chunkier and more obscure the better! I can’t wait to have an even more impressive collection to hang on my fantastic medal rack, bring on the next event!

I work as a Swimming Coordinator and teacher at my local swimming pool. Having worked shifts in nearly every job I’ve had since I graduated, I was glad of my first proper 9-5 job. It also meant for the first time in my life I had weekends free and this obviously meant more running! The only downside to working right through the day is that in winter I see very little sunlight – my pool has no windows 🙁


2013 was my first year of distance running. I smashed PB’s all over the place and felt fitter and stronger than I ever have and I also completed my first marathon at Loch Ness and also my first Ultra Marathon at Glen Ogle in November.

My plans for 2014 were to start the year with a bang and get much stronger on the hills, but after a few months of terrible running and feeling the most tired I ever have in my life, I found out I was highly anemic and put on a course of iron tablets for the best part of the year. That meant standing on the sidelines and cheering on my team mates and having to pull out of various events I had really been looking forward to.

But fast forward a few months and I was back to full strength, smashing PB’s again but quite a bit and wanting to go further and faster than I ever have. I ran marathons number 3 & 4 finally smashing the elusive sub 4 hour barrier and setting a new time of 3:54:37. Along with that was my second attempt at Glen Ogle in November where I didn’t have best race through having the cold and sore hip, but it was still another fantastic day and more experience. The year ended on another low though as early in December my appendix burst and I was in and out of hospital all month with all sorts of dramas. After doing my best to sit still for 6 weeks I was finally back running at the end of January. In March I had my first long run back since recovering at the D33, finishing in a respectable 5 hours and 4 minutes and then in May I ran my longest run to date at the Cateran 55, finishing feeling strong and confident.

Jemma and I ready to run!
Jemma and I ready to run!

I completed my 5th Ultra at the Devil O’the Highlands and my 6th at Glen Ogle in November and I am now looking forward to a hard winter of training and aiming for the long term goal of the West Highland way race which I have been lucky enough to gain a place in for the 2016 race. I have many, many miles to clock and a lot of strength to gain but with 6 months to go, I plan to become the strongest and most determined version of myself yet.

Next year it's our turn!
Next year it’s our turn!
Summit of Dumyat. Windy and cold and a perfect way to start 2014!
Summit of Dumyat. Windy and cold and a perfect way to start 2014!

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